Siberian Cats Cattery

About cattery

We are glad to welcome you in "HATANGA" - our monobreed cattary of siberian neva masquerade cats.

Our cattary was certified by WCF system on June, 12, 2015.
There are two founders of the cattery - Oksana Collina and Ludmila Yampol'skaya.
Cattery placed in Moskow, Russia, being joined to "Fauna" cat lovers Club.
We are breeding color-point siberian cats.
Every purebred catty finds its own home with loving masters, surrounded by love and caring. 
Large stake of attention focused on caring of our cats and growing of posterity.
If you're looking for happiness, you should realize that your own portion of happiness was already born or going to born in our houses.
it's your kitten. 
It is smaller than your hand, but after time you will see great color-point siberian cat.
Look at their sky-blue eyes and just fall in love with em' forever.

Let's become happier...